Making people feel special

Here at the Restaurant Support Center, our number one priority is to make the lives of our restaurant teams the very best they can be. The future of every BrinkerHead is in our hands. That’s why we challenge ourselves to push harder and further every day. To see how we can better serve each other, our communities and our Guests … and make everyone feel special.

Grow Your BrinkerHead.

We provide hundreds of virtual, online, in-person and on-the-job learning activities to help you grow in your role and advance along your desired career path. Your development can also include mentoring, taking on stretch assignments and working with cross-functional groups to broaden your skill set. When you’re ready to move ahead in your career or sharpen the skills you already have, we’ll make sure you get the right training to meet your goals.

Now Introducing!  Best You EDU is a comprehensive education program uniquely designed for Brinker Team Members. We believe that lifelong learning is critical for personal growth and want to help our BrinkerHeads achieve all of their educational goals through a learning pathway from foundational skills to GED to an Associate’s Degree – all at no cost to our Team Members! Read More

Work hard. Play hard.

Our campus is nestled in a wooded North Dallas community, where we’ve been able to create an atmosphere that supports working happy and embracing your best life. That can mean playing hoops in the lobby, helping to grow vegetables in the Norman Brinker Community Garden or playing outside on Bring Your Dog to Work Day. You can also have fun at the many family festivals, cookouts, field days and other events we host each year.

Meet your Bff.

The Brinker Family Fund (BFF) was created to help Team Members dealing with serious illnesses, death and natural disasters. Many BrinkerHeads choose to make a small paycheck deduction to help finance the BFF. To date, we’ve donated over $15 million to 5,000+ Team Members and families who needed our help to make it through a tough time.

Passion with a Purpose.

We support Team Members who donate time and money to causes about which they are truly passionate. Our Passion Points program matches up to 40 unpaid volunteer hours with a donation of $500 per Team Member per year. We also have Passion Bucks, which matches a Team Member donation of at least $100 with a company donation of $500 per year. Team Members can participate in both programs for a maximum match of $1,000 per fiscal year.

Image Our culture

Best YOU. Best US. Best LIFE.

As a company, we continually seek out new ways to live our purpose. BrinkerHeads believe that achieving our best selves has a lot to do with finding the right balance of CAREER, SOCIAL, FINANCIAL, PHYSICAL and COMMUNITY wellbeing. What this means is:

  • Liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals
  • Having strong relationships and love in your life
  • Effectively managing your economic life
  • Having good health and enough energy to get things done on a daily basis
  • Having a sense of engagement with the area where you live